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MyDHL+ is a feature-packed application which allows users to import, export, create labels, schedule pick-ups, customize notifications to follow shipment delivery status and much more.

The application is totally free of charge and provides multiple user access under a single login and password.

You can create an import or export shipment, print labels, schedule pick-ups in other cities and countries and customize shipment notifications.
  • Create an address book for shippers, receivers and mailing lists

  • Schedule a pick-up

  • Track your shipments

  • Get a shipping rate

  • Track shipment history

  • Import and export data

  • Provide temporary access to use an account number

  • Import and export data on shippers, receivers and shipments

  • Customize user settings

  • Manage access levels for employees within your company

Please contact our technical specialists to find more about all the features of MyDHL+ available to your company and its employees.

MyDHL+ is a single hub with a single login, so there is no need to register in different programs. Your registration in MyDHL+ gives access to all DHL services.
  • No need to install the program – just login and start working!

  • You’ll just need a computer and Internet access to start

  • Multiple user access

  • Single database for address details of shippers and receivers

  • Tracking shipment history, creating and printing shipping labels

  • Professional guidance and technical support to solve issues in no time!

  • Shipment insurance

  • E-mail notifications for you and your business partners

  • Customized notifications on your shipment delivery



Take advantage of all the cutting-edge features of MyDHL+ free of charge!MyDHL+



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